It Won’t Stop If You Don’t

I’m talking here again about the need to Pause in your life, if just for moments. Between myself, my friends and my clients, I’ve recently noticed how even those of us who know better have not been taking time-outs to release ourselves from our compulsive actions and thoughts. And the obvious truth is, actions and thoughts won’t stop of themselves. We’ve got to choose to do it.

But you can’t very well choose when you’re not aware you even have a choice, right? The automaticity of our habits of thoughts, actions and worldly demands arise and weave themselves into such a tight—what—Maitrix, of course, that it takes a rupture of some sort to break that Maitrix’s spell.

What kind of rupture? Well, like this moment right now. My very words are calling you to attend to your automaticity and….pause. Go ahead. Choose. Take this moment. Take some breaths…conscious ones that you really feel. Look out the window. No matter the view, you’ll break your visual trance. But don’t stop listening. No. Listen exquisitley to EVERY single sound in your environment RIGHT NOW. Don’t ignore even one! Savor each and every one you can hear. And then listen to them all at once.

Choose. It will stop if you will. I’m stopping my writing so you can stop reading and pause…now.

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